Salamanca Island Natural Park

The old estuary of the Magdalena River makes up a beautiful set of marshes, flats and forests that for those who travel from Barranquilla to Santa Marta or vice versa, is a wonderful spectacle adorned by lakes and mangroves.


In Colombia this idyllic place of nature is considered «via Parque» in the natural park system because of its special location on a route that communicates two cities. But not only has this important accreditation, in 1998 achieved the Ramsar Declaration and in the 2000, reserve of Man and the biosphere by Unesco. International signs that provide protection to these places of such importance for life.

The Natural Park Isla de Salamanca is characterized by its varied mangrove forests and despite the fact that for many years they were abused by man with their destructive spirit, they are living proof of the power of nature that resists to extinguish its beauty to give step to the asphalt.
Its splendid bodies of freshwater are coveted luxury hotel for many species of migratory birds that from south to north or from north to south make a stop animated by the beauty of the area, among these species we can mention eagles, herons, seagulls, hummingbirds , water ducks and pelicans.

In its channels you can also count boas, otters, caimans and alligators it, these last two, the owners of the Magdalena River near the Caribbean in old times.

Fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals are home to this sanctuary which, despite the environmental emergencies that it has suffered, continues with a high level of biodiversity, hence the importance of its protection and conservation, complemented by A permanent ecological campaign.
Its splendid bodies of freshwater are coveted luxury hotel for many species of migratory birds that from south to north or from north to south make a stop animated by the beauty of the area, among these species we can mention eagles, herons, seagulls, hummingbirds , water ducks and pelicans.

In its channels you can also count boas, otters, caimans and alligators it, these last two, the owners of the Magdalena River near the Caribbean in old times.

Fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals are home to this sanctuary which, despite the environmental emergencies that it has suffered, continues with a high level of biodiversity, hence the importance of its protection and conservation, complemented by A permanent ecological campaign.
The Salamanca Island Park is also a refuge for endangered species that refuse to disappear, a great reason for hope in a better future for all the inhabitants of the region.

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This place is a real jewel of the ecotourism not only of the Atlantic coast but of the whole country and of its revitalization make active and very important part the fishermen of the zone, who contribute to mitigate the environmental impact that for years of indifference and Ignorance was given to this natural scenario of vast sensibility.

The estuarine delta of the Magdalena River offers a unique landscape that with its marine and coastal ecosystems are a delight for the senses. The park has a space for conventions and conferences of an environmental nature.

Currently staying here is not a reality because it is in conditioning an area for this effect but in the nearby towns you can enjoy facilities for lodging.

Caribbean Museum

They say that Colombia is a country of countries, our territory is distributed in regions whose identity seems to compete with others, for each of them everything that grows in its soil, floats in its waters and runs through its winds, is authentic and unrepeatable, no doubt we are a country qu E is declared at all lung as regionalist.
The Caribbean feel is one and very different to any other feeling for a simple but very powerful reason: the sea, that sea of the Atlantic Ocean that by these latitudes wants to flood the lands to enjoy its flavor, that sea that impregnates of salt the environment , putting it at the ideal temperature to give the body that movement that regulates the circulation of blood and heartbeat.

You have to learn to understand and practice in a good way what it means to be regionalist, it is not imposing or believing superior to others, it is loving with all the soul and displaying it proudly before the world, is to deliver the best of the Earth to not only receive admiration without Or so that it can be a source of inspiration, of reference and vital element that reinforces the identity of the peoples of a country as diverse as Colombia.

The Museum of the Caribbean is more than a structure, is the spirit of the coastline in a center created to receive all visitors who moved by the desires of breathing oxygen macondiano, the same that inflated supreme genius Garcia Marquez’s mind to create a Univ Erso evocative, they meet in the sandy, Currambera and captivating Barranquilla.
The Museum of the Caribbean is living history, history with projection and with great utility. This enclosure pays homage to the Caribbean memory that has always advanced with strong personality but with all the joy that the natives of the domains of the sun know to have. In this place the culture seizes the spaces to teach the whole world that Macondo does exist and inhabits in the geography and in the heart of every centimetre of the Atlantic.
This cultural space apart from being a sample of traditions, customs and folklore also constitutes an educational and ecological intention that seeks to become fully aware of the environment.

A very important aspect of the museum has to do with the representation of the double belonging, on the one hand its status as a member of the Caribbean Zone and on the other hand its belonging to the Colombian nation, aspects that make it a very special region that enriches the Multiple beauty that composes the national tricolor.

It has a permanent exhibition distributed in five aspects or thematic axes: nature, people, Word, expression and action. And for the visitor to assimilate the content in a pleasant and singular way generates a great sensory experience as a first stage, which makes the second to achieve the desired task: a placid inquiry.

Visiting the Museum of the Caribbean is a wonderful and attractive plan for anyone who visits Barranquilla and wants to spread its environment, taste and culture, reasons that make it a city that spreads its joy and feel Caribbean.

Totumo Volcano

The northern coast of Colombia is a magical territory that never ceases to surprise the visitor who totally ecstatic for his beauty always has different attractions that unite him to this place specially created by nature.
The temperatures in this part of the country are high, sometimes too much for those who are not accustomed to them and that quickly shows in their skin toasted by the sun and that reveals its origin.

A widespread custom is to take a bath to soothe the heat, enjoy a cold shower that cools and help us to get around the weather and do not allow the desire to sleep we win the game and thus subtract valuable time for the exploration of the Beautiful Landscapes that as tourists must travel.
But if they tell us that there is no better experience than to take a mud bath, what do we think, some will think that it is a plan that seeks any excuse to find fun, on the other hand the question sure will disturb them and make them think well what it is.

What if the question is added that the bathroom is taken inside a volcano?,

then many will believe that they are definitely crazy who promote that plan and more who take it.


Taking a bath in the volcano of Totumo is not a crazy thing, is a plan of madness, a unique experience that many repeat happy and in fact becomes a custom and tradition extended in recent decades by tourists who make it at different times of the year.
The volcano of the Totumo is 20 meters high and is located in the rural area of the municipality of Santa Catalina in the department of Bolívar next to the swamp of Totumo, very close to the limits with the Department of the Atlantic.

This tourist attraction has gained national and international importance because mud baths in this volcano are recognized as beneficial to the health of the body because the components of the sludge contain salts and minerals that help to relax, exfoliate The skin and according to many permanent visitors, to improve the health and to cure different ailments.

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But not only the Totumo volcano attracts tourists, its surrounding areas are crowded by visitors who can find magnificent dishes of the area, boat tours through the swamp of Totumo and observe the mangroves and their own animal species.

This crazy plan is really a wonderful journey that will make you relax your body and mind and will fill you with energies to continue enjoying all the pleasure that represents the beauty of the Colombian Caribbean region.

A wooden staircase is used to promote this natural formation that is considered extinct or without risk of activity and that poses no danger, so the inhabitants of the area praise the goodness of the mud of the volcano to those who attribute their vitality and longevity.
According to official numbers, visitors to this place represent approximately 50 a day, which means that on average 1,500 people a month enjoy as crazy of this natural fad that improves health.

If you have any ailment, visit it, and if you don’t have it, too. The Totumo volcano is part of the madness acquired by nature when it reaches Macondianas lands and wants to impregnate all its visitors. The volcano of the Totumo is a real plan of madness.

«The Golden Gate of Colombia», «The Sandy»

Or the very popular «Curramba» overflows flavor for all its pores and the sticky melodies of cumbia begin to rumble in the ears of those who seek a unique destination.

In Barranquilla la Vida is a real carnival, just walk on some of its avenues and squares to immediately feel the magic that the Atlantic exerts on its inhabitants and especially on its visitors.

Life in Barranquilla wanders without effort and dances making shudder all its way with its inexhaustible energy, the music in this beautiful destination of tourism in Colombia is not a tradition but almost a religion.

With a privileged position, it has been for centuries more than a port for the country, it is the place by which the world itself enters and that is amalgamated in its customs, culture and races.

Cradle of great men and women who have shown the best of Colombia to the world, does not stop laughing loudly teaching everyone that sadness and sorrows disappear very quickly and that joy is contagious; Barranquilla is not visited, it is enjoyed forever.

«The Golden Gate of Colombia» is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean that mixes its waters with those of the imposing Magdalena River, which after traveling half a country takes a break at its mouth. Its beaches and piers are refreshed by the fans that create the trees dandled by the breeze turning it into a city that perfectly combines the strength of a metropolis that advances frantically with the freshness of a Caribbean Eden.

Falling in love with life is inevitable when you are under the Sun Barranquillero and miss it when you leave is as logical as the beats of a heart that knows a new illusion.

It is a must-see plan to visit its mansions, parks and squares; It is comforting for the spirit to walk along its boulevards to witness the vitality that the human soul redefines in this unsurpassed destination of tourism in Colombia. Come to Barranquilla and you will know what true hospitality is.

Enjoying the carnival time is an obligation, it is an event that carries the Barranquilleros and Barranquilleras in their hearts but especially in their hips; It does not matter that the visitor does not know how to dance because the taste and flavor currambera through the skin instantly.

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So mystical is the carnival of Barranquilla that was declared an oral and intangible heritage of Humanity by Unesco, which indicates that the joy in this wonderful place is guaranteed until the end of time. Because as the saying goes here: «The carnival of Barranquilla who lives it is the one who enjoys it».

Tourist Hostel Sombrero Vueltiao

They say that full belly is happy heart and on the north coast of Colombia or simply «the coast» as they call it the interior yes it is easy to fall in love.
The Caribbean region is a sum of ingredients that always offer good taste to the palate and to begin to delve into their culture is very important to have prepared the stomach.

Many symbols represent different places and many constructions are his soul, examples we have in Paris or new York, but there is one that without the pomp and majesty of those mentioned above summarizes in one place a whole regional spirit: the Parador El Sombrero Vueltiao, a true homage to the idiosyncrasy of the Atlantic coast that worships this article originally prepared by the indigenous zenúes of the Tuchín guard in the municipality of Córdoba and has covered the heads of generations That with some resistances in the country, is considered a symbol of the Colombian.

The Parador is covered by a huge vueltiao hat that is not of straw but of iron and concrete and if the burgers are eaten in a building with cowboy hat, because in this one taste the most representative delicacies of the varied gastronomy of this area of Nue Stra National Geography.
To 35 kilometers of Barranquilla in the municipality of San Juan de Acosta, very close to the beautiful spa of Santa Veronica is located this picturesque place that it is impossible not to see on the road and that it is also a obligatory point when to know of first Hand the coastal food is about.

The food comes through the eyes and here that saying takes full effect because the pleasure is complete, from the beginning to the end. He enters with restlessness and leaves with satisfaction.

With its fame won over the years the Parador wants to stop being that, a place of passage and become an attractive alternative tourist destination, a kind of gateway to the municipality of the Atlantic and those that make up the Colombian Caribbean coast.

This construction emerged as an initiative of the Governorate of the Department of the Atlantic to develop a key point in the tourism of the region and it succeeded because from here it provides tourist information to the traveler, they sell handicrafts and it has an atmosphere of rest and relaxation.

From the Parador El Sombrero Vueltiao You can see the beaches of Santa Veronica adorned with their cabins inviting to the pleasure of resting in a unique and exotic place.


Tourism in Barranquilla – Colombia

Interesting facts
Barranquilla is a wonderful city that we must visit, its charms for the tourism are innumerable. The Magdalena River and the sea are its main attractions for water sports, eco-tourism and adventure.

Barranquilla, has everything we need for an unforgettable holiday, the Caribbean culture is present everywhere and there is very good hotel infrastructure to stay.

It is the fourth largest city in the country, and the first in the region, has become one of the main urban and economic centers of Colombia.

It is united with Soledad and Puerto Colombia, two places that we must know on our trip to Barranquilla.

Barranquilla is a city for all tastes. Explore its streets with colonial treasures, visit its swamps, enjoy its exquisite cuisine and feel the party at every corner. They will make your vacation the most unforgettable!

You can’t Leave «la gritty» without enjoying an outdoor party on the beach, and lit with torches.

In addition, Barranquilla is one of the beautiful places in the basin of the Caribbean Sea. Known as the Golden Gate of Colombia, because it was constituted in the first fluvial and maritime port of the country since the mid-NINETEENTH century.

The city is also known as «Curramba La Bella», name that designates the festive atmosphere and the warm welcome of the Barranquilleros. It is also given the name of «The Sandy», name initially due to its multiple spaces of clay sand.
It has tourist sites like: Mouths of Ashes (where the Magdalena River and the Caribbean Sea joins, is beautiful), the zoo (the first zoo that was inaugurated in Latin America), Pumarejo Bridge (the longest of Colombia), the Metropolitan Stadium (the largest of Colombia), the pier of Puerto Colombia (when it was inaugurated in 1888 was the second longest in the world), Totumo Volcano (located 45 minutes from Barranquilla), Amira de la Rosa Theatre, the Romantic museum.

Teatro Amira de La Rosa
Address: Carrera 54 con Calle 52
Epicenter of the Barranquillero cultural activity, it is located in the limits of the Barrio El Prado with the neighborhood down the river. In its modern venue there are plays, painting exhibitions, musical shows and events of all kinds during the year. The backdrop of the theater, 17 mts. Wide by 8 high, was painted by Alejandro Obregón, represented with vibrant colors The legend of the Alligator Man.

Romantic Museum

Address: Carrera 54 con Calle 59
An old Republican-style mansion donated by Carmen Freud, daughter of Joules Freud, German Jewish American arrived in Barranquilla at the beginning where they are kept as memory of pastimes, objects of the history of the city.

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There they are, as a testimony of a time, the costumes of the Queen of Carnival, a replica of the old street called Traffic Refuge Abello, the typewriter of Alfonso Fuenmayor in which the Nobel prize winner Gabriel García Márquez wrote his novel The Litter, Some letters from the Liberator Simón Bolivar, photographs, albums and collections of newspapers of yesteryear.

Barranquilla Zoo

Address: Calle 77 Carrera 68
Under the shade of leafy trees, the visitor travels through the animal habitats of all parts of the world and especially the Colombian Caribbean.

There are 550 animals of 140 species, some of them in the process of extinction; Like the Eagle, the Condor, the flamingos, the manatee and the Spectacled bear; As well as macaws, lions, chimpanzees, reptiles and bats and the mono-top tamarin, a species found only in Colombia in the white forests of the Atlantic Department.

Barranquilla the Golden Gate of Colombia

In 1923, it is institutionalized from this year the age of the reigns, suspended for five years. It is named the Little Lady Toña Vengoechea Vives. In the year 1967 an event is introduced to the carnival, the «great stop» that takes place on the second day of Carnival (Sunday).

By the year of 1974, on the initiative of Esther Forero the first Guacherna was held, an event that rescued a lost tradition: Cumbiambas and drums that in the evening brightened the neighborhoods of the city.

Today we find in carnival events consecrated by tradition, such as dances, Cumbias, comedies, Litany and disguises; Like new and original creations of other groups and disguises that have the same validity as those consecrated over time.

With the passing of time the carnival has been overflowing through the streets and squares, traveling from south to north the city, until reaching the via 40 parallel Avenue with the Magdalena River and 17th Street in the south of the city, these two avenues serve as the scene of popular art Carnival.

Barranquilla is an urban center, where many people come from different parts of the Colombian Caribbean. In this way, his carnival, in addition to his own, has been adding dances, music and festive behaviors of the whole area.

Barranquilla’s Carnival: Cultural Heritage of humanity
The regional cultural area CARNIVAL OF BARRANQUILLA was selected by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, as the most important manifestation of the country with the possibility of being considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

The project was supported arguing that the BARRANQUILLA CARNIVAL is a work of the human creative genius because it is the only regional anthropological space in the country. The cultural manifestations resulting from the hybridization of the cultures called Aboriginal and African are expressed as the form of resistance of these peoples to the loss of their myths, beliefs and cultural expressions against the taxes for a culture Dominant (Spanish).

Such resistance manifested itself in the syncretism of the gods and deities of the cultures dominated by the Saints and divinity of the Catholic religion (the dominant one)-this amalgam is expressed today in the dances that give it the character of ancestral, traditional and popular with the Barranquilla’s carnival.

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